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The leaders of analog playback design

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The British Kings of rhythm and pace

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Purveyors of the Nuvista tube

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Eastern European mastepieces

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The rebirth of the legendary Japanese pickup

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Haniwa phono cartridges

Ontario EXCLUSIVE dealer

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tube delights for the purist

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Charisma Audio

World-class canadian cartridges

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Miyajima cartridges

Stereo and Monaural cartridges and stepup transformers from Japan

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The World's most effective and Best looking room acoustic panels

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Thomas Schick products

Minimalist design and vintage spirit is the recipe to pure music reproduction for this German maker.

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What's New

-Now Ontario Exclusive dealer for Haniwa phono cartridges

-MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu-Vista series tube gear on display

-Now Authorized Dealer for Charisma Audio cartridges

-Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement phono cartridge on demo

-Allnic Audio tube gear now on display

-Rega turntable packages in stock